My Hobby - Brady&Kovalsky - Brady & Kovalsky

As I’ve have already mentioned, my hobby is collecting printing machines. This started as an ordinary kids interest, when I was 7 years old. One day I’ve watched the historic movie about these machines and I got really interested in them and the way they work. I’ve started learning more about printing machines.

The more I managed to find out, the more excited I became about them. People use printing machines for different purposes today. This depends upon their needs and types of printing machines.

These devices are needed to type text and print out different images. Money, for example, is also printed on special powerful printing machines. The same is about lots of other things.

As time goes by, the quality and features of printing machines improve, offering more and more options to people of different professions.

Today, my collection of printing machines includes dozens of devices belonging to different timeframes, but I also have hundreds of photos of those printing machines I’ve seen when traveling the world. I’m sure, my collection will keep growing and you have a great chance to have a look at some samples at this website!

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